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We offer a variety of risk management services.

Compliance with ISO14971

ISO14971 is the cornerstone of risk management for medical devices. RSDU Consulting is well-versed in the intricacies of this standard and relevant regulations and will ensure that your devices meet the required guidelines.

Training organizations

Offering training as part of implementation or to maintain skills for the organization, of Risk Management to the organization. This will be tailored to your organization needs.

Design Control (Interfacing)

RSDU Consulting ensures in collaboration with the design team, that potential risks are identified and mitigated during the product design phase, enhancing the overall safety of your medical devices.

Clinical Evaluation (Interfacing)

Safety and efficacy are paramount in the medical device industry. We collaborates with your team, securing that risk management activities are aligned with clinical evaluations, enabling you to confidently navigate the regulatory landscape while ensuring the well-being of patients

Usability Engineering (Interfacing)

User experience is central to the success of any medical device. RSDU Consulting seamless interface with usability engineering to enhance the user-friendliness and safety of your products, minimizing risks associated with human interaction

Biological Evaluation (Interfacing)

Understanding the biological effects of your medical device is crucial. RSDU Consulting assist the design team to identify relevant risks related to biological safety and secures the relevant biological evaluation activities are started to assess biocompatibility to reduce potential risks associated with patient contact.

Software Development and Cybersecurity (Interfacing)

In today’s digital age, medical device cybersecurity is paramount. Interfacing with your relevant subject matter experts to assist in identifying and assessing risks, to help you to fortifying your device’s software security, safeguarding it against cyber threats and ensuring data integrity.

Production and Manufacturing

Risk Management doesn’t end with design; it extends to production and manufacturing. RSDU Consulting helps you establish stringent quality control measures to minimize risks during the manufacturing process.

Client Testimonials

“Her kan vi indsætte en udtalelse/anbefaling fra en af dine tidligere kunder for at skabe trust og social proof.”
Kundens Navn
“Rene has played a very important role in our path toward MDR compliance. His impressive depth to his knowledge specifically around Risk Management, alongside his approachable and supportive mindset, means he is a fantastic Consultant to work with.”
MST Micro Surgical Technologies
“Her kan vi indsætte en udtalelse/anbefaling fra en af dine tidligere kunder for at skabe trust og social proof.”
Kundens navn

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